Shelf Awareness

Are You Shelf Aware?

Shelf Awareness – A clear perception of Lozier’s personality and individuality in the store fixture market

With over 60 years’ experience in the store fixture business, Lozier knows a few things about shelves. (And endcaps and counters and bins and racks…) However, that only scratches the surface of what makes us the industry leader. Here’s what it means to be Lozier.


Being honest and fair and doing the right thing in a reliable way. We say what we mean and stand behind our word.


Providing exceptional service is our goal for every customer experience across our organization. When challenges occur, our priority is finding a way to make things right.


Consistently producing quality products and services that go beyond customers’ expectations. Customers count on us.


Continuously investing in our equipment and employees, improving our processes and reinforcing our safety. We’re a solid, financially strong partner.


Solving customers’ merchandising challenges through new product designs, creative applications, and process improvements. We listen.


Maximizing our customers’ budgets with quality, flexible solutions that are built to last.

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Work with our design and engineering teams to create fixtures that meet your needs. We have access to a wide variety of materials, colors and capabilities to bring your vision to life.

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