Effective October 31, 2015, Lozier discontinued the Capitol Hardware operation. While this was a difficult decision, our review over the past several months determined this type of business is not a fit with Lozier operations.

It’s important to us that customers have options for the products they have ordered from Capitol Hardware in the past. With that in mind, here is a list of alternative suppliers:

Advance Displays & Store Fixtures – 800.776.7796 | advancedisplays.com
Grand + Benedicts – 800.547.7005 | grand-benedicts.com
Saraff Store Fixtures & Equipment – 305.638.3115 | sarraff.com
Tebo Design & Fixtures – 800.525.2646 | tebostorefixtures.com

Canada’s Best Store Fixtures – 855.949.2273 | canadasbeststorefixtures.com
Action Retail Outfitters – 800.535.2279 | actionretailoutfitters.ca

Thank you for your interest in Capitol Hardware.