Shelf Mount Metal Canopy Fascia

Part Number: MCF

Shelf Mount Metal Canopy Fascia

Part Number: MCF

Product Details

  • Provides clean, attractive way to add header accents to wall or Island sections
  • Can be used as a color accent or add up to 1/4″ thick side load graphic
  • Shelf Mount Bracket connects to shelf and fascia without hardware
  • Metal Canopy End Trim available to finish off the end of the run (sold separately)
  • Graphic Size: Width: 2′ = 23-31/32″, Height: 6′ = 5-13/16″

NOTE: Lozier LED lighting options may not be used in conjunction with this canopy

Product Options and Numbers


A – Metal Canopy Fascia
B– Shelf Mount Bracket

  • Starter:
    • 2′- 4′: 2 brackets
    • 5′- 8′: 3 brackets
  • Add-on:
    • 2′- 4′: 1 bracket
    • 5′- 8′: 2 brackets

Example Part #:   MCF   7   8   S   PLT   PLT


Metal Canopy Fascia: MCF

Section Width: 2′, 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, 7′, 8′

Canopy Height: 6″, 8″

Unit Type: S, A

Fascia Color: PLT, Optional Catalog Colors

Bracket Color: PLT, Optional Catalog Colors

Suffix Key
PLT – Platinum Paint
S – Starter
A – Add-on
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