Boutique Center Frame

Part Number: BT

Boutique Center Frame

Part Number: BT

Product Details

  • 1” x 1” tube Center Frame, unslotted, with integrated:
    • Centered 2” x 2” tube Uprite, double slotted 1” on center, with two welded vertical retainers per side for BTB_Back Panels
    • Integrated panel in frame: either Wiregrid or Marteck Painted 2 sides
  • Accepts most standard Lozier shelves and accessories
  • One Center Frame required per add-on Gondola section
  • 36”W Frame accepts 16”D max shelves
  • 48”W Frame accepts 22”D max shelves
  • TL Shelves deeper than 19” cannot be used. Use DL shelves for this application.

Product Options and Numbers

Example Part #:   BT   CF   84   36   D   WG   PLT   PLT


Boutique: BT

Center Frame: CF

Height:  66″, 84″

Width:  36″, 48″

Gondola Uprite: D

Frame Panel: WG, M2

Standard Panel Finish:  PLT, Optional Catalog Colors

Standard Frame Finish:  PLT, Optional Catalog Colors

Suffix Key
– Gondola Uprite w/Double Back Panel Retainers
WG  – Wire Grid
M2 – Marteck Painted 2 Sides
PLT – Platinum
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