Multi-Function Shelves and Decks

Part Number: MFS, MFD, MFWG

Multi-Function Shelves and Decks

Part Number: MFS, MFD, MFWG

Product Details

  • One style fits both Regular Duty and Heavy Duty Beams
  • Evenly distributed load up to 3,000 lbs (Dependent on Beam style and number of Shelf Supports)



  • 5/8” industrial grade particleboard
  • Pre-cut to fit Multi-Function sections
  • Front corners notched to fit around MF Uprites



  • 3 x 3 heavy gauge wire mat
  • One piece construction on all sizes
  • Continuous perimeter wire
  • Fireproof
  • Light penetration
  • Water from sprinklers can flow through
  • Cleanliness
  • Available in Zinc coated wire

Product Options and Numbers

Example Part #:  MF   S   22   96   N/A


Multi-Function: MF

Shelf/Deck Style: S, D, WG

Base Deck Depth: 13″, 16″, 19″, 22″, 25″, 28″, 31″

Multi-Function Section Width: 36″, 48″, 72″, 84″, 96″

Standard Finish: N/A or S04 particleboard, ZNC wiregrid

Suffix Key
N/A  – No Finish
S04 – Seal Coated
ZNC – Zinc Wire Grid
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