Widespan Beam

Part Number: WSB

Widespan Beam

Part Number: WSB

Product Details

  • Available in both Heavy Duty and Regular Duty
  • Integral Beam connectors
  • Tilt-in design, no fasteners or locking clips required when used with Shelf Support (WSSS)
  • Minimum of four beams required per section: one each top, bottom, front and back of section
  • Requires Shelf Supports to tie Beams together
  • Minimum one Shelf Support on 48”W and 60”W Beams
  • Minimum two on 72”W, 84”W and 96”W, or must use Locking Clips


Widespan Beam Profiles


Product Options and Numbers

Example Part #:   WSB   48   PLT 


Widespan Beam: WSB

Section Width: 48”, 60”, 72”, 84”, 96”

Beam Style: HD (Heavy Duty), leave blank (Regular Duty)

Standard Finish:  PLT, Optional Catalog Colors

Suffix Key
HD -Heavy Duty Beam
PLT -Platinum