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We’ll See You at the Store

Since 1956, Lozier has been at the core of retail innovation. From store shelves, backroom storage,
sorting and self-checkout systems, Lozier remains the pinnacle of retail store solutions.


From originating the basics of today’s shelving systems to retail innovations, our success is rooted in its core values.

Focused on strength, built with quality. Lozier products are the industry standard for retailers across many markets.

Our company is built on delivering products and services so reliable that customers overwhelmingly choose Lozier.


Join Our Team and Build a Career You’ll Love.
We understand you want more than a job. You want the opportunity to learn and grow, to be recognized for your efforts and accomplishments; to be treated with respect and feel a sense of belonging. That’s what Lozier is all about. Our company’s future success relies on the same thing that’s brought us this far—a committed team of employees working together to achieve our business goals and provide our customers with the best product in the industry.


Making the future a reality is something Lozier has done for more than 65 years. It began with designing the core product of today’s industry-standard store shelving and continues with innovative solutions with strategic partners to remain cutting edge in the in designing material manufacturing solutions and delivering inventive, modern takes on core shelving and storefront solutions.

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