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Engineering-minded students learn from Omaha Lozier professionals

Engineering-minded students learn from Omaha Lozier professionals

Nearly two dozen Omaha Boys & Girls Club students visited the OneOmaha Campus this week, getting an up-close look at the manufacturing industry and career opportunities in Engineering.

The group is participating in the ACE (Architect, Construction and Engineering) Summer Career Camp, introducing young people to potential career opportunities in the fields of skilled trades and more. The class split into groups, with Community Outreach & Engagement Manager Ralph Kleinsmith guiding several students on a tour of the North Plant while the rest remained in the Main Office learning from Communications & Community Outreach Strategist Josh Gear.

“It’s great to have the opportunity to speak with these students,” Gear said. “Taking time during the summer to learn about industries like Manufacturing and the professional experiences it can bring is commendable, and we’re thrilled to be able to host them.”

The group wrapped up its visit by chatting with two Lozier engineers, Industrial Engineer I Rachel Keyser and Mechanical Engineering Intern Anna Haden. The pair promoted their paths of discovery toward finding their favored Engineering roles, encouraging the students to pursue their passions. A full circle moment for Haden, the UNL student shared her memories of participating in ACE events while in high school.