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Welder certification classes offer employees like Dominique Clark opportunities to learn new skills and advance his career

Welder certification classes offer employees like Dominique Clark opportunities to learn new skills and advance his career

An opportunity to become a welder didn’t pass by Dominique Clark. Clark first heard of Lozier’s welder class program last year, where employees can take a two-week course in Omaha to become a certified welder. From there, opportunities to move into a welder position may appear and those who are certified can bid for the position.

“I worked in uprites and moved from Machine Operator to Welding after the class,” Clark said. “With the internal job bids, you can log in to see what’s open. I finished the class, so I was interested in moving, the pay increase was nice. But applying the experience I got from class was great.”

After taking and finishing the class in February, Clark is now a Welding Lead in the West Plant. He appreciates how quickly he was able to upskill and the knowledge he learned from his time in the class at Metropolitan Community College.

Though Clark has only been at Lozier for two years, being at the company runs in his family with his mom having worked here a number of years and his grandma who retired from Lozier.

“Taking the class is an opportunity for career advancement, you learn new skills and if the opportunities arise, being a welder is group 3, so that’s more money in your pocket,” Clark said.  

Dominique Clark, second shift Welder Lead

The classes in Omaha take two weeks where employees receive welding education and instruction at MCC in the mornings and can work the rest of their shift in the afternoon. The class materials are provided and employees are paid during their time learning. At the end of the class, employees need to complete a certification test to pass.

“We could practice welds here at work as well,” Clark said. “We got to apply and see how the welds we learned in class apply to work. I work in uprites, so I was able to get that additional experience because I was in an area that I could see how welding and what we learned in class applies to the job directly.”

If you are interested in advancing your career or receiving a Welding Certification, inform your supervisor and indicate your interest on your career development form. Scottsboro and Middlebury have offered similar classes in the past. Classes are created based on the need for welders and interest from employees.

“If you have a talent for welding, you can apply that talent to your job,” Clark said. “Welding is a skill you can take with you in your career and advance at Lozier. Anyone who is interested in welding and wants to advance their career and learn new skills should take the class.”